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Current SFPNN Featured Columns and Authors


What Is SFPNN?

SFPNN, Sir Froggie's Positive News Network, is a FREE good news daily e-mail letter, sent out Monday through Friday. We think of it as a "Spiritual Vitamin" because it gives you something positive each day to boost your spirits!

What Content Will I find in PNN?

"All Good Things!" as my Oma would say.  SFPNN originated in 1998 with the challenge to find at least one good thing a day to counteract the constant bombardment of negative media. As our network of positive people grows and evolves, so does our newsletter's content.

We want to change the way you think about the news!  According to the Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus, news is newly received or noteworthy information. SFPNN's news includes stories that make you feel good; along with columns, advice and commentary from our featured authors who share their approach to making our world a more positive place. In addition, we may provide poems, jokes, inspirational writing pieces, meditations or quotations from "every-day" or famous people; basically anything that makes you feel good about your Self, life, and the world we live in. 

Our newsletter is a collaborative volunteer effort from SFPNN's readers, featured columnists and editor. Other news you'll find in SFPNN - and which we hope you'll contribute to our network - is made up of special events in our readers� lives such birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, special get-togethers, promotions, personal success stories and accomplishments, the pursuit of dreams,  and progress in reaching goals.  We aim to touch your Spirit and to help you soar. Everyone is welcomed to contribute.

Share your good news with us by e-mailing 

In the words of Gandhi, "Be the change you want to see in the world."



SFPNN features the work of some very special Authors 
through-out the week...


Miracles With Moira from Moira Shepard brings the miracles and wisdom of the Divine into our daily lives through Theta Healing.  A truly uplifting experience from Moira Shepard.

Blessings! from LarryG begins each week with a beautiful and life-affirming blessing.

Sir Froggie's Pondering with JMP appears compliments of Sir Froggie and SFPNN's editor / publisher with inspirational advice to bring out the best in your Self.  Sign up to have the corresponding Sir Froggie cartoon automatically delivered to your e-mailbox!


Wayfarer's Tales from David McLaughlan encourages us us all to see the extra in the ordinary.

Soul Magic is that magical moment when something touches you deep down, and overwhelms you with a feeling of peace, love, joy or awe.  It can change your heart or the way you see the world, Or it might just be a split second of feeling of being connected to the Divine.  Soul Magic stories are featured on Tuesdays as they are available.  Share your own Soul Magic experiences by e-mailing .

Fuzzy Tales -  From JMP and SFPNNers  are the stories of those creatures, great and small, who have touched our lives in a special way, making us laugh, cry, think, feel gratitude and more. Fuzzy Tales give our readers the chance to share the tales of their special pets and was inspired by the incredible response from sharing the story of my own little feline angel's life and soul graduation. 

Tell your own Fuzzy Tale, e-mail !



Moments of Joy from songwriter Joy Hart are brought forth as she shares inspirational lyrics and messages along with the story behind the creation of each song.

Vicarious Travel with Patty as you explore the world through Patty's real life adventures and share your own with SFPNN's readers.  Learn real life travel tips that can save you time and money and help make your vacation time better.  Patty shares her wisdom and passion for travel at least once a month.  Keep an out following the Good News section to find out when Patty's newest articles are available!


The Enchanted Self of Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein offers a new way of looking at life... through your own �Enchanted Self�.  Dr. Holstein's goal is to inspire and encourage you to achieve your own positive states of mind, body, and spirit.  Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein is the author of the powerful book, "The Enchanted Self: A Positive Therapy" and others.  

ValueSpeak features author Joseph Walker's unique and often humorous view of the world while sharing the trials and triumphs of living a life with values.  Joe is also the author of the delightful books, "Look What Love Has Done" and "How Can You Mend a Broken Spleen? Home Remedies for an Ailing World."



Kindness Suggestions from SFPNN's Editor & Readers are a great way to bring joy into your own life and the lives of others.  If you're looking for ideas to make the world a more positive place, the Kindness Suggestion is a great start!  We welcome and encourage YOU to participate with this column, e-mail your suggestions or experiences to

Michael Angier shares his Success Strategies to help anyone on the road to accomplishing their dreams.

The SFPNN Special Edition is a bonus edition sent out each Friday and features those slightly longer, heart-touching stories that speak directly to us or those features which need a little more time to really get the message through.


Special "Website Only" Featured Authors

The Christmas Tree Chronicles of Tom R. oh! (with help from his dogs Harley and Winnie, and of course, the Tree) are great fun year round.  Slightly twisted humor intertwines itself through Tom's new adjustment to life with just he and the dogs - and the Tree!  A must read for any single, divorced, or widowed male.  Females are also invited to join these adventures. This is definitely a unique column!  Don't miss Tom's other exciting stories, either.

Dedicated to our special angel, Fay...

Keep up the great work, Tom.   Thanks for the honor of sharing your stories.

Rosvita writes from the heart and with great insight as well as attention to detail.  Her unique style and outlook on many of life's challenges and victories put the reader right in the moment.   Rosvita began writing Kindness Suggestions and Soul Magic stories for SFPNN and continues to paint vivid pictures with her words.


Special "Website Only" Archives

Aunt Bette selected a new SFPNN Link of The Week for those of our readers who love to surf the web and link up with others.  This award is only given to the most positive websites on the internet! 

Culinary Tips From Chef Raven, Mom, Catering Entrepreneur, and Wife of Chef Clay, Chef Raven shares the tips she's learned along the way and wishes that someone had taught her!

Dr. Joseph L. Esposito's Health Talk & Ask Dr. Joe, relate professional knowledge and experience in the fields of nutrition and chiropractic care to enlighten SFPNN's readers.   Dr. Joe has lectured worldwide and now reveals this information for our benefit.

Ed of Aberdeen selected the SFPNN Link of The Week for those of our readers who love to surf the web and link up with others.  Ed has since retired but his LOTW selections are still a great place to browse.

Encounters of those people Ray Hart met on his journey of awakening, discovery and gratitude are shared on an intimate level with SFPNN's readers before his soul graduation in August of 2001. 

From Victim To Victor by Glenna Heller takes us along on the journey of personal triumphs in the life of Glenna Heller, transforming those fearful and angry times into ones of deep understanding, forgiveness and joy.

God Bless America and Our World today and every day.  These are the special stories of the victims and survivors of September 11th, 2001.  It also contains tributes, memorials, hopes, and prayers.  It is a place for people everywhere to share their heart-felt thoughts, feelings, and sentiments. There are also several helpful links to other memorial sites and information on how you can help.  

Dedicated to all those whose souls graduated on 09-11-01, and those of us who are still here to talk about it.

God Given Daisies by Carole Devecka  is a delightful journey of faith and miracles, hopes and dreams, and truly amazing stories.  Carole is a fine example of how one human being can make a tremendous difference in the lives of others and our world.

In Other Words a book and movie review given by Mark Pintar and SFPNNers provides helpful reviews on a variety of positively interesting books, and sometimes movies, too.  Give your own review!  E-mail  

Rebecca tells about A Path to Freedom, the story of a young boy who leaves home to defend his country in the war.  Tune in for the new adventures of this unlikely hero.

Reflections of A Zen Master -  Inspired by Misty, (a cleverly disguised teacher of unlikely sorts.)  This column shares the lessons taught to a loving human family from an emerald-eyed feline Zen goddess.

Sensible Stuff by Renee gives down-to-earth advice from the perspective of a working Mom who proves that YOU CAN DO IT! (Even on a tight budget.)

SmokeFree Star from Jeneene Brengelman helps smokers break free from their addiction, while offering good advice to non-smokers for clearing out the smoke-screens in life.

Wednesday WORD from Diane, The California Dreamer (with occasional guest authors) gives Diane's insider's view on what it's like to keep your word to yourself and live your heart's truest desires.  Check here on Wednesdays for new articles!

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How Did SFPNN Get Started?

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