SFPNN Special Edition - 02/13/04 Look What Love Has Done!

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--- Thanks to author, Joseph Walker, for today's Special Edition


by Joseph Walker

Spring is a time of renewal.  A time to start over.  At time to begin again.

And yes, I know how illogical that last expression is.  Speaking grammatically, one can “begin” a thing and then one can “do it again.”  But one cannot “begin again,” since on can only begin a thing once.

At least that’s what I used to think.  And then I met Mark.

Mark has experienced more pain and greater challenges in his six years of living than most of us take on in a lifetime.  His mother began abusing him even before he was born by taking into her body substances that damaged his developing body.  The abuse continued after his birth in a variety of ways too despicable to mention.

As a result, Mark’s sixth birthday was hardly a cause for celebration.   He was about the size of a three-year-old, and functioned on a level even younger than that.  He couldn’t walk.  He couldn’t speak.  He couldn’t even breathe without the help of a tube inserted in his throat.  He was partially deaf, partially blind, and no one was sure how much he could understand of what was going on around him.  He never smiled, which is understandable because about the only happy thing in his life was the fact that he had been abandoned by his abusive mother.

Pathetic?  Perhaps.  But hopeless?  No way.

On the other side of the country from where Mark lived, a single mother was longing for a second child.  Unfortunately, the only man in her life was her nine-year-old son, Damien, and most conventional adoption agencies wouldn’t touch her.

So she started trying to work out something unconventional.  She contacted agencies that specialized in hard-to-place children and found them to be much more open to her desire to adopt.  Eventually she heard about Mark.  She started loving him almost immediately.

“It’ll be hard,” a social worker warned her.

“That’s OK,” Donna said.  “I’m tough.”

“But he’s got all of these medical problems.”

“That’s OK, I’m a nurse.”

“But he’s black and you’re white.”

“That’s OK, I’m color blind.”

So Donna flew across the country to pick up her new son and bring him home to nurse, nurture, and love.  They returned, appropriately enough, on Valentine’s Day.  And from that day to this, Mark’s progress has been remarkable.  He’s walking now, and he’s learning to do things for himself.  He sees and hears better than anyone thought he could, and it’s clear that he understands quite a bit.  And now they’re talking about removing that tube out of his throat so he can breathe normally for the first time in his life.

Oh, and there’s one other things he’s doing.  He’s smiling.  Quite a lot.  Especially when he’s snuggled on his mother’s shoulder.

“People are amazed at how well Mark is doing,” Donna told me.  “They call it a miracle.  And maybe it is.  But it isn’t a surprise.  Everyone knows that love is a power.  It’s just that Mark has never really experienced it – until now.”

Donna smiled as her youngest son toddled into his big brother’s arms, giggling and smiling every step of the way.

“And now,” she said, “just look what love has done!”

Love has given Mark a new life.  It has given him a home.  And more than anything else, it has truly given him a chance to begin again.  

Which come to think of it, is just as it should be in the spring.

--- © Joseph Walker


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