Karen Grewen from the University of North Carolina Department of Psychiatry conducted a study looking at the benefits of a 20 second hug and hand-holding among 38 couples. The couples who shared a hug showed lower blood pressure and heart rate than the couples who did not have any physical contact!

This says a lot to me!

The body loves to be loved and every organ responds. WOW!

I am not there to hug you in person however!!!  So please accept this long distance hug:

Are you ready?

I put both arms around you… My right arm is high on your shoulder and the left is coming under your arm. I am feeling a great big sisterly love for you and as I hold my arms around you, I surround you with the positivity I am feeling. I hold you there and apply gentle pressure with my hands upon your back. Even the light pressure of my hands will be received by your body.. as my hands say, “you are precious and wonderful and your loving is a miracle!” I rest my head momentarily against yours so you can smell the Dove Shampoo in my hair, and even with your eyes closed you can feel my hair saying: “I love you wonderful person. You are so lovable!”

So even as I hug you every part of me is sending you waves of positivity.

Releasing you from the hug is interesting because my entire being was just connected to your energy and it was  a joy for me to share with you!

Don’t you just wonder how many molecules were involved in a positive way for that single hug?!

Be well…

~ © Ellie Braun-Haley