If you live in the Southern California area, we invite you to join us for activities and workshops led by SFPNN’s founder.

Rev. Jeanette M. Pintar, Ph.D.


 as well as other exciting events from noteworthy spiritual teachers.



Rev. Jeanette is pleased to announce the TIFA SPECIAL with a new Angel Reading option for those in the Southern California region!


What could possibly be better than an Intuitive Angel Reading to fill you with Love, Light, Clarity and Divine Guidance?

An Angel Reading at Tifa Chocolate & Gelato to fill you with delectable goodness too!

Book the Tifa Special Mon-Fri and you can get a 20 minute Angel Reading including a complimentary gelato, or other Tifa delight from the list below, for only $50!

Receive a single scoop, filled chocolate, or small beverage of your choice as listed below when you book a Tifa Special Angel Reading:


• Small Gelato

• European Drinking Chocolate

• 2 Truffles / Filled Chocolates

• Tea – Iced or Hot

• Coffee drinks – Iced or Hot

• Hot Chocolate

• 1 Gift-sized Bag of Mini Chocolate Bars


Tifa is located at 5013 Agoura Road, just off Kanan Rd and the 101 behind IHOP & Islands.

Call Rev. Jeanette at 818-518-6761 to book your Tifa Special Angel Reading today!

Please Note: Unlike 1 hour Angel Therapy Sessions, The Tifa Special does NOT include an e-mail recap or a deck of oracle cards.



Check out the Center for Spiritual Living Westlake Village where there is always something good going on! http://www.cslwestlake.org



Rev. Jeanette is available to teach, speak or perform angel readings or healing services at your church, center, group, business, in-home or private events for very reasonable rates.


If you have a specific topic related to spirituality, angels or healing you would like to learn about, but do not see it listed on this page, please contact us! Most likely, we will be able to custom create a class for you. We can also create personalized meditations!

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Or call Jeanette: 818-518-6761


The following workshops are currently being offered:


(Click on title for additional information about each class)

Angel Oracle Cards – How to give an Angel Reading


Attuning Your Energy to the Angels


Automatic Writing and Meditation


Developing the Psychic Senses


Distinguish Divine Guidance from Ego


Using Pendulums for Guidance and More





Ask about Guided Meditations such as those listed below:


Angel Womb Regression


Grounding Your Energy


I Send You Love


Journey Through the Chakras


Messages from the Body’s Infinite Wisdom


Releasing and Manifesting


Temple of Manifestation


Tree of Life


All Guided Meditations can be performed live. Some are also available on CDs!

What People Are Saying About Rev. Jeanette’s Guided Meditations:


“I found it difficult to meditate on my own before I was given two guided meditation CD’s by Rev. Jeanette M. Pintar.


The first disk I listened to was called, “Messages from the Body’s Infinite Wisdom“. Her voice was very soothing and I found it quite easy to calm my body. Personally, I have some trouble with visualizing, however I was left with a great feeling of peace and my body was quite relaxed.


The second disk, “Tree of Life“, really connected me to the flow of the meditation. I found myself letting go and allowing my mind to rest more and more. The positive messages that I was asked to repeat really made an affect on me. Once the CD was over, I felt refreshed, incredibly at peace, and in a total state of love. It was amazing.


I am really looking forward to using both of Rev. Jeanette M. Pintar’s guided meditation CD’s in the future.”


Candace Orr
Thousand Oaks, CA


* * *


Messages from the Body’s Infinite Wisdom is a wonderful, soothing, and stimulating Meditation.


I fell in love with the visualizations that incorporated animal spirit guides and great relaxing landscapes. I really felt awash in positive feelings as I stepped into these new settings. Also, I was stimulated to think about my body and my responses to it in ways that can only help build health and deeper intuitive body wisdom.


If you enjoy being good to yourself in wise ways that enhance your personal growth, than I know you will enjoy this CD.


Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein,
Psychologist and author of The Enchanted Self, A Positive Therapy.




Jeanette is a certified Angel Therapist®and loves to do Angel Readings

for parties, fund-raisers, festivals and other events!


E-mail Rev. Jeanette M. Pintar to book your class, meditation or another event today!
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Or call Jeanette: 818-518-6761




In addition to local workshops and meditations, we are in the process of creating
on-line courses so they are available to everyone, no matter where you live.




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