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One thing every human being struggles with is the need to feel loved; to know we are worthy of love, that we are loveable, and that somebody loves us! What we often forget is that we need to love ourselves in order to experience love from others and to attract the people who will love us. Even though God and our angels are ever loving and will never forsake us, if we do not love ourselves, we block out the love God and our angels are sending us, and therefore feel alone, alienated and disconnected.


Loving ourselves requires respect and a positive attitude. Sometimes that doesn’t seem like enough or we’re not even sure how or where to begin loving ourselves.


There’s a very easy way to give ourselves love!


It’s powerful, effective, immediate, and we can do it almost anywhere! All it requires is our focus and intention to send ourselves love.


After filling ourselves with love, we can even send love outward to others!


This is also a great way to rejuvenate ourselves or ground and center ourselves.



Get ready… I Send You Love…


   Take a cleansing breath and release all tension from your body.


   Breathe in slowly and deeply, pulling the air into your lungs and filling them completely.

   Slowly exhale the air back down into your stomach without forcing your stomach outward.

   Breathe in…

   Breathe out…

   Place your hands one on top of the other in the center of your chest, on your heart chakra (just a little to the center from your heart.) Your sending hand (the one you write with) should be touching your heart center.

   Continue to breathe slowly, fully, in and out.

   Feel the heat and gentle vibrations of your hands over your heart chakra.

   Imagine little tiny hearts or droplets of pink, golden, or emerald light dancing between your hands and heart.

   Send love to your heart and to your self. Focusing on your heart, say your name and say, “I send you love.”

   Feel the energy and vibrations increase to a higher frequency.

   Imagine feeling loved by God, your angels and yourself as you continue to breathe and think, “I send you love.”

   Feel the little hearts and droplets of loving light expand from your chest into your hands, out your back, and up and down your body.

   Bask in these feelings as you continue to breathe and send love to yourself.

   After a minute or two notice any areas which have aches and pains and send love into those areas, either by placing your hands on them, or by visualizing the hearts and droplets of light flowing in and healing all dis-ease.

   Continue to send love until the aches disappear and scan your body for further discomfort, sending love into every place which needs it.

   Now expand the area you are sending love to…

   Envision the hearts and droplets of loving light reaching out to fill your desk area, your work or home space and surrounding anyone near you. You may also send love to a specific person, either by visualizing them or focusing your attention on their photo.

   Notice the warm glow and increased energy from your heart chakra.

   Continue to breathe and bask in this loving energy as it expands outward.

   Once again, consciously expand the area of the tiny hearts and droplets of loving light to fill the entire room, your neighborhood, your friends and family’s homes. Envision this beautiful energy spreading throughout the earth.

   Breathe and continue to bask until you feel comfortable, uplifted and filled to overflowing with love.

   When you are ready, begin to bring the tiny hearts and droplets of loving light back to your heart.

   Notice how every place they have reached is now glowing with the light of love as you pull your love back within you.

   Continue to breathe deeply, slowly, aware that your environment has been changed in a positive way by the power of love.

   Once all of your love has returned to your heart, picture your heart emanating light, just like a candle flame in the darkness.

   Picture the light surrounding you in a protective bubble-like shield.

   Continue to breathe in and out, allowing love to enter and exit this shield freely knowing that nothing negative can penetrate your space or well being, and that your loving energy is attracting only positive toward you.

   Think, “I am love.”


   Slowly stretch your arms, legs, neck and back.

   Return to normal awareness and enjoy your rejuvenated state of being




— Jeanette M. Pintar

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