Who decides what’s foolish?

The people who swore Mohandas K. Gandhi would never free India from her British overlords … Who vowed Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and others like him would never drink from a fountain designated “for whites only” … Who told “Feminine Mystique” author Betty Friedan to shut up and get back in the kitchen, where women belong … Probably feel pretty foolish now.

When you call yourself foolish for wanting to make a living doing what you love … for desiring a better life for yourself and/or others … are you really being foolish?

Or are you being a visionary? A pioneer? A genius?

How much abundance do you and the world miss out on when you let fears of being thought foolish stop you from doing what you feel called to do?

Are you willing now to place just a tiny bit more trust in your heart’s desires than in other people’s opinions?

With love and appreciation,

~ © Moira