This is another example of my dedication to actually creating a song or songs (I think different ideas relate to different people; we don’t all get lit by the same fire) that actually evokes the Holy Instant — that moment out of time when all possibility opens up to you, when you go beyond what you have always accepted as your limits, before. Right now, you know it’s a whole new time, an empty slate, a brand new opportunity of infinite possibility. There are no limits but the ones you make to what you can accomplish in this state of possibility. And it’s only to the degree that you are in this state that God can use you to your fullest potential. If you believe you can just go this far, He won’t ask you to go any further. He allows you total freedom as to what extent you will allow Him to take hold of your life and direct it where He wants it to go and where you, if you believed it were possible, would surely want to be.

Like a Star

Let who you are as a light beam
Shine so bright that others accept you
Just the way you are.
Be a perfect example of who you are;
Let everyone you deal with
Think you are a star,
Shining the light that God has given you,
Doing what you know you agreed to do,
Being the one that He can use exactly where you are,
And allow yourself to shine like a star