Announcing Dr. Barbara’s Happiness for Women Only Radio Series

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The Happiness for Women Only! series focuses on different age groups as seen below. We take a look at happiness as viewed through the lenses of The Seven Gateways to Happiness. 

Dr. Barbara hosts this series, accompanied by her two outstanding guests: Dr. Sandra Prince-Embury, nationally known resiliency expert and author of The Resiliency Scales for Children and Adolescents and Martha Trowbridge, author of books on Inspiration For Women in Crisis.

“The Enchanted Girl”

“Getting to The Truth and More!” (20-35)

“Women and Wisdom Gathering” (Ages 36-49)

“Welcome the Enchanted AARP Woman!” (Ages 50 plus)

A wonderful discussion for all age groups!

Stop by and listen today. 

~ © Barbara Becker Holstein