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Jeneene Brengelman
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Jeneene Brengelman’s column, can help you.

Quit smoking and leave the fear and embarrassment in the past. Quit smoking and get a juicier life as well as a healthier life, a better life as well as a longer life.


Smoking kills the best people. No matter how loved and needed you are, if you smoke you are damaging your body. It’s horribly addictive but 60 million Americans have quit, and at least one of them had it as tough as you.


You don’t have to be ready to quit. The tragic truth is, most smokers die waiting for the day they are ready to quit. The ducks never stay in a row. You do have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get yourself free.


You don’t get extra points for quitting smoking on your own. Get all the help you can find, remember you are the hero who is saving your own life, the only hero who can. Your success will inspire others too, so you will save more lives. It’s worth whatever it takes.



The following can help. Each article will take just a few minutes to read. Read it, think about it, maybe read it again. It’s a totally new way to think about quitting, so it might sound strange at first. The secret to success here as well as everywhere else in our lives is…the words that we use when we talk to ourselves. Learn the ones you need to be happily smokefree, to live the rest of your life in the non-suffering section.


Write to me with any questions. Nothing I do is more important than helping good people re-gain their power and breathe free.


* * *

Jeneene says, “I am a dancer, a friend, a mother, a writer, a hypnotherapist, a videographer, a craftswoman. I love to travel, to read, to play with my cat. I enjoy working with my hands, and raised two sons on income from a
woodworking business in my home. I’m passionate about making a difference, and have always worked on projects and campaigns. I’m still hoping for a noble do-gooder discount, but I know I’ll get a senior-citizen one first.”

“After my Dad and my favorite uncle died from smoking, I got very mad at the tobacco industry. I fought them directly for a few years, succeeding in getting local legislation passed. Then I realized that there were so many gorgeous, loved people out there who wanted to quit but weren’t getting enough help to make that happen, so I changed direction. I wanted to help people save their own lives. I’ve learned from every one I’ve coached, and the coolest part is that they all tell me they now have a better life. Not just longer, better… Ain’t life grand?”

— Jeneene Brengelman


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