By “Soul Magic”

Previously, I had known “Soul Magic” ONLY by one thing… A record/vinyl by YBU called Soul Magic, a beautiful tune. So I chose the name “Soul Magic” as my username for a dating site as it was well suited for the time in my life.

I have had a few situations this year leading to me the point at where I am now.  To sum it up I’m completely true and honest to and with my ‘self’. I have gained a huge amount of wisdom in my ability to help others in any and many ways. I have surges of energy rushing and tingling in different areas of my body but mainly in my hands and then along my forearms.  Sometimes the energy travels all the way up to my biceps. (I must point out at this time I have around 15-20 tunes on repeat and Soul Magic has just come on, lol).

Some have said I’m a “healer” BUT I’m a realist and I honestly don’t know for certain at this time.  One friend said ‘I did something to him’ as in something positive’ when he had a bad stomach.  I don’t know how much of this is true; this is all new to me. My mum, who’s a devote Christian says the same, that I’m a healer, but again I do not know.

I have never been interested in religion and have always done things my way despite what society and media say you should do. And now I am truly thankful I did because I can honestly say I have not been influenced by either.

This experience has been so beautiful as I see all, but it also has its cons. I do see a lot of sadness and disruption on this beautiful planet.  My journey has been accelerating at quite a speed over the last few months and I am at a tough point in balancing what I knew before with what I know now, realizing not everyone will understand my experiences.

I can see situations for what they are with a greater understanding of them and am therefore able to help people achieve clarity around them.  But when asked how I do it, it’s difficult to tell them in a way they will relate to.

Wisdom has come to me and sometimes makes me chuckle at people’s reactions.  I was trying to help diffuse a situation where a man was jumping straight into anger without approaching it in a calm way first.  Of course this led me to believe he had an issue which I was willing to help him with BUT not everyone will be true and honest with themselves; and I completely understand this.  The thing that made me chuckle was when he asked, ‘What qualifications do you have to speak like this?’

My tone is in no way of arrogance nor insult.  Everyone is the same, just at different depths of understanding life.  More importantly of understanding themselves first.

I do not call myself religious but if you want to put a label on it then it would be more towards spirituality; but I call it feelings and understanding. ~:) I am at my ‘truest & deepest self’ and that said, I now feel ‘selfless’, and am here for others purely.  I have been on a dating website for the last 2 months just to meet friends as I am going traveling in about a month to South America for a duration of around 3 months. The reason I mention about the dating site is because I have been able to help people there find their ‘true selves.’

I feel I have been gifted something extremely special and am putting it into action as it should be: to help others find their ‘true selves’.  I have had a great response from others who I have helped with what you might call enlightenment.  I know my purpose is for others, to help them in any and as many ways as I can, if they wish to accept and understand.

All I am about is ‘feelings & understandings’’; all life’s about is positives and negatives. ~:D   I hope there are others who can understand what I am saying.  If not, then I hope I can help.