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A Collection of Magical Moments that Touch the Soul

by Jeanette M. Pintar & Other Real People…


What is "Soul Magic"?

It's one of those magical moments that reaches your heart and touches your soul. It deepens your consciousness, heightens your awareness and changes your perception, perhaps transforming your life forever.

Sometimes we know the moment the magic occurs - and we know exactly how it will affect our lives. Other times we only discover it was Soul Magic much later when we look back and reflect on how we've arrived at this point in our journey.

Everyone experiences Soul Magic at some point in their life.

It comes in many shapes and sizes and through a variety of experiences… Soul Magic can be attained through traveling to foreign countries or visiting a part of your own. It can be unearthed through finding faith or discovering spirituality. It may be the success symbol of over-coming an addiction or working through therapy, transforming old wounds into lessons of healing.

If you have your own stories of Soul Magic to share, please e-mail them to Soul Magic. Your experiences will be included in the Soul Magic Collection on this page and may also run in issues of SFPNN or The SFPNN Special Edition.  When enough Soul Magic stories are collected, I may pursue publishing them in a book.  Although there is no guarantee that the book will transpire, I will do my best to ensure its creation.  In the meantime, thanks for sharing your experiences. 

 The pages that follow are filled with individual experiences of Soul Magic from people all over the world. Sit back, relax, and let some Soul Magic cast its spell over you.

Jeanette M. Pintar



 A Collection of Magical Moments that Touch the Soul in 2012


Tuning Into God by Joseph J. Mazzella


You Can’t Keep Time by Joseph J. Mazzella


You Can See God by Joseph J. Mazzella


The Missing Shoe


Busy Angels by David McLaughlan


Answered Prayers and Healing Energy – by LarryG


Cookies – by Joseph J. Mazzella


Hungry Hearts – by Joseph J. Mazzella


A Ray of Sunshine – by Joseph J. Mazzella




 A Collection of Magical Moments that Touch the Soul in 2011


A Running Start - by Lisa Vaden


Rise Up and Set Your Gaze Upon the Light - by Jason Henson


The Plow - by Nancy J. Leslie


A Swing and A Hug - by Joseph J. Mazzella


SPA: SPiritual Adventure - by Rosvita


The Most Amazing Homerun - Thanks to Karyn N


When the Worst Brings Out the Best - by Rev. Jeanette M. Pintar


Still With Us - by Jeanette M. Pintar


Snowmageddon and Snow Angels - by Patty


Ben Does Life: My 120 Pound Journey by Ben Davis
Thanks to Lisa V.


Awakening in Love - by Maria Helena Strafacce




 A Collection of Magical Moments that Touch the Soul in 2010


Oneness - by Joseph J. Mazella


Grief: Developing Our Wings - by Ellie Braun Haley


Jumping in the Leaves - by Joseph J. Mazzella


Morning Verses Evening - by David McLaughlan


The Boy and The Bird -- by Rosvita Wolf-Feilinger


A Striking Place for Peace - by Ashley Zapot


Oh My Stars! - by Jeanette M. Pintar


Miracles DO Happen - by Lori Renn


Here Is God - by LLW


This Warmth Around My Arms - by Ellie Braun-Haley


The Little Flower Who Could - by Jeanette M. Pintar


New Life Verses Old - by David McLaughlan


The Power of Prayer - by Debra Delahunty


The Crystal Called Me - by Jeanette M. Pintar


Simple Events or Magical Moments? - by Rosvita Wolk Feilinger


The Drunkard with a New Purpose - Carole Devecka




 A Collection of Magical Moments that Touch the Soul in 2009


Closer to God - by Ellie Braun-Haley


Let Go - by Jeannie Velez


Stopped! - by Jeanette M. Pintar


Deepest Love - by Jeannie Velez


Stroller and Wheelchair - by Rosvita Wolk Feilinger


The House He Leads - by Jeannie Velez


Drone On, Drone Off - by David McLaughlan


The Breeze of a Moment - by Jeannie Velez


God Calling - by David McLaughlan


Sing and Fly - by Jeannie Velez


Things are Gonna Get Easier - by JMP


Wind Inside - by Jeannie Velez


Dedicated to Papi William - by Jeannie Velez


In Memoriam of Johnny Allen Butler - by Robert


The Unexpected Reunion - by Ginny J. of Canada


Straight Up - by David McLaughlan


Love, Me - by David McLaughlan


Four Footed Wonder - by David McLaughlan


Once We Were Babies - by David McLaughlan


Nicola Asks - by David McLaughlan


Perfecting the Imperfect - by David McLaughlan


Sadness -- Like a Wilting Rose - by Kathy Pippig Harris


You Came With a Goal - by Ellie Braun-Haley


Death Isn't Forever - by Ellie Braun-Haley


Dear God, I Need a Time Out!  - by JMP


Behold the Art of G-d - by Nancy J. Leslie


Being a Daddy - by David McLaughlan


The Better Side - by David McLaughlan


Listen to the Music - by David McLaughlan


A Personal Triumph - by Nancy J. Leslie





 A Collection of Magical Moments that Touch the Soul in 2008


When I Needed it Most - by Carole Devecka


An Up for Down Days - by David McLaughlan


Meals of Desperation - by David McLaughlan


God in My Pocket - by David McLaughlan


Poppy Heart - by David McLaughlan


Beautiful Things - by Rosvita Wolk


Celebrate Your Life - by Patty


Straining at the Edge - by David McLaughlan


The Old Mill at New Palestine - by Nancy Leslie


Screech - by David McLaughlan


Letter to a Friend - Precious Moments -- by Rosvita


From Disappointment to Confidence - by Rosvita Wolk


Bill - by David McLaughlan


Do You Have a Bucket List? - by Patty


The New Path - by David McLaughlan


Skiing Legacies and Lessons - by Rosvita Wolk


Jesus in the Library - by David McLaughlan of Scotland


Tested - by David McLaughlan of Scotland


Walk Right Through -by David McLaughlan of Scotland


Blown in the Wind - by David McLaughlan of Scotland


Hallelujah,  Thine the Glory! - by Rev. Charles Stanley


God's Love is Evident - by Ellie Braun-Haley


Finding Myself - by Ellie Braun-Haley


Music and Scenery to Enhance My Journey - by Patty


Grass IS Greener on the Other Side - by S. Taber


The Beginning of the Rainbow - by Jeanette M. Pintar


The Broken Promise - by Ellie Braun-Haley


Glorious Fall Road Trip -- by Patty


 A Collection of Magical Moments that Touch the Soul in 2007

12/11/2007 Holiday Changes - by Jeanette M. Pintar
12/04/2007 In His Own Obscure Way - by Vee York
11/27/2007 Know That I Love You - by Jon D. Newbill
11/20/2007 Mesmerized at 35,000 Feet - by Patty
11/13/2007 Some Unexpected "Sole Magic" - from Jan K
11/06/2007 Trail Ride - by Nancy J. Leslie
10/30/2007 Invocation of Angels - by Jeanette M. Pintar
10/23/2007 My Caw of the Day - by Ginny of Canada
10/16/2007 Magical Weekend - by Nancy J. Leslie
10/09/2007 The Unexpected Second Chance - by Patty
10/02/2007 Inspiring Lunchtime Walk - by Patty
09/25/2007 A Child to Lead, A Child to Comfort - by Liz, Thanks to Ellen Braun-Haley
09/18/2007 Living Life on Purpose - by Rev. Scott Allen Russell
09/17/2007 Amy's Hearts of Love - by Linda Johannessen
09/11/2007 Does the Lord Know me Personally? - by Ellie Braun-Haley
05/22/2007 Secrets to Awakening Your Intuition - by Joan Marie Whelan
05/15/2007 Amy's Divine Sense of Humor - by Linda Leach Johannessen
05/08/2007 Reflections on the Move - by Scott Allen Russell
05/01/2007 A Lesson in Support from the Angel in Nordstrom's Lingerie Department -
by Lynne Steltzer
04/24/2007 In Everything, I AM - by Scott Allen Russell
04/10/2007 WAKING UP HERE: PT 4 of 5 - by Ellie Braun-Haley
Thoughts from a Canadian Resident in Santa Martha, Mexico
04/03/2007 WAKING UP HERE: PT 3 of 5 - by Ellie Braun-Haley
Thoughts from a Canadian Resident in Santa Martha, Mexico
03/27/2007 WAKING UP HERE: PT 2 of 5 - by Ellie Braun-Haley
Thoughts from a Canadian Resident in Santa Martha, Mexico
03/20/2007 WAKING UP HERE: PT 1 of 5 - by Ellie Braun-Haley
Thoughts from a Canadian Resident in Santa Martha, Mexico
01/19/2007 Hope for Things Unseen - by Ellie Braun-Haley
03/06/2007 Grandma's Rainbow Blessing - by Jeanette M. Pintar
02/27/2007 Mother's Gift - by Ellie Braun-Haley
02/13/2007 A Promise Fulfilled - by Joyce C. Lock
01/30/2007 Coping with Tragedy, Turning Terror into Kindness - by Shmuel Greenbaum
01/19/2007 My Mother's Hands - by Halina Loew
01/16/2007 I Want to Be Your Angel - by Daisy Bees




A Collection of Magical Moments that Touch the Soul in 2006

by Jeanette M. Pintar & Other Real People…


11/27/2006 Voices - by Ellie Braun-Haley
11/20/2006 Another Dream - by Larry Hogan
11/13/2006 Anxiety...or Anticipation - by Scott Allen Russell
11/06/2006 Mother Earth's New Dress - by Deborah Shepard
10/30/2006 Looking - by Kathy Pippig Harris
10/23/2006 Awe, Perfect - by Joyce C. Lock
10/16/2006 My Heart Song - by Carol Roach
10/09/2006 The Warmth Around My Arms - by Ellie Braun-Haley
10/02/2006 Finding the True Me - by Rosemary
09/25/2006 Angel or Ghost? - by Lynne Steltzer
09/18/2006 I See You Have a Guardian Angel - by Ellie Braun-Haley
09/11/2006 Ask, He Will Come - by Ellie Braun-Haley
05/22/2006 For My Friend Bette, Love Joy - by Joy Hart
05/16/2006 MY MOM: A Tribute to Pam - by Slade Hogan
05/08/2006 Connecting With My Angel Face - by Jeanette M. Pintar
04/17/2006 To Celebrate Life - by Kathy Pippig Harris
03/20/2006 If You Could Trap a Sound - by Kathy Pippig Harris
03/13/2006 I Watch You While You are Sleeping - by Daisy Zuidyk
03/06/2006 The Most Amazing Day of My Life - by Daisy Zuidyk
2/13/2006 Tea, Simple Foundation of Life - by Carol Roach
02/06/2006 The Popsicle Incident - by Larry Hogan as told by Kelly Overton
01/30/2006 I Have Learned - by Carol Roach
01/23/06 Amazing Amaryllis - by Jeanette M. Pintar
01/16/2006 A Beautiful Day at the Beach - by Jeanette M. Pintar
01/09/2006 The Thrill of an Answered Prayer - by Bill Gray

A Collection of Magical Moments that Touch the Soul in 2005

by Jeanette M. Pintar & Other Real People…


12/12/2005 At Water's Edge - by Rosvita Wolk
12/05/2005 An Internet Miracle - by Jim, Jan and Jeanette with Special Thanks to Helen
11/28/2005 From the Shores of Galilee - by Carol Roach
11/21/2005 Night Dance - by Robert Paul Sax
11/14/2005 The Storm - by Joyce C. Lock
11/07/2005 Beyond Appearances - by Lori M.
10/31/2005 For Granted - by Kathy Anne Harris
10/24/2005 Walking in Faith - By Bill Gray
10/17/2005 Wake Up Call - by Robert Paul Sax
10/10/2005 The US 40 Crawl - by Nancy Leslie
09/26/2005 Together Again - by Andy Lo Russo, The Singing Chef
09/19/2005 The Muse Within - by Carol Roach
09/12/2005 A Full Tank of Gas - 19.77 - by Linda Leach Johannessen
05/23/2005 The Crossing Guard - by Larry Hogan
05/16/2005 The School Bell - by Kathy Anne Harris
05/09/2005 Lost in a Fog - by Kay Seefeldt
05/02/2005 A Special Birthday Visit - by Linda Leach Johannessen
04/25/2005 C.J.'s Plight:  Irony of a Miracle - by Jeff McGuire
04/18/2005 Justice for Reggie - by Robert Paul Sax
04/11/2005 The One-Liner Kid - by Ellie Braun- Haley
04/04/2005 GS Championships: Courage to Race - by Rosvita Wolk
03/28/2005 A Whole New Life - by Linda Leach Johannessen
03/18/2005 A March Madness Angel - Kathleen S. Baker
03/21/2005 A Slice of Heaven - by Lori M.
03/07/2005 Education in Viet Nam - Pt 5 of 5 - by Frank Ragsdale
03/07/2005 Education in Viet Nam - Pt 4 of 5 - by Frank Ragsdale
02/28/2005 Education in Viet Nam - Pt 3 of 5 - by Frank Ragsdale
02/21/2005 Education in Viet Nam - Pt 2 of 5 - by Frank Ragsdale
02/14/2005 Education in Viet Nam - Pt 1 of 5 - by Frank Ragsdale
01/31/2005 I Stop for Rainbows - by Bette Tolnai
01/17/2005 The Rainbow's End - by Jeanette M. Pintar




A Collection of Magical Moments that Touch the Soul in 2004

by Jeanette M. Pintar & Other Real People…

12/20/2004 Four Gifts - by Nola Parton-Jones
11/29/2004 A Retirement - by Wanni S
11/22/2004 Angels of the Road - by Ellie Braun-Haley
11/15/2004 More Than a Grain of Salt - Thanks to Lori M.
11/01/2004 A Visit From Desi - by Joan Wester Anderson
10/18/2004 A Poem by Virctorina Sanders - 
Dedicated to John E. Mack
10/11/2004 Granny Jan's Insight to Life - by Jan Keen
10/04/2004 Blessings After the Storms - by Bill Norwood
09/20/2004 One Date to Remember - by Jeanette M. Pintar
05/10/2004 Learning to Live Through Lupus - by Terry Bailey
04/26/2004 Kate's Story - by K.A.
04/19/2004 The Wonders of God - By Robert Paul Sax
03/15/2004 You're Never Too Old:  Fayolyn's Story - by Lori Main
03/08/2004 An Angel In a Pick Up Truck - by Carole Devecka
02/23/2004 Today - by Marshall Hart
02/09/2004 Moonlight Surprise - by Jeanette
01/26/2004 A Young Fan's Dream - by Liz Tracy
01/19/2004 Weeping Willow Trees - by Mark Pintar
01/10/2004 A Golden Moment - by Jeanette

The following soul magic stories
were contributed in 2003 to touch your soul


12/15/2003 Looking for Glimmers of Hope In a Tough Situation:
Part 3 of 3 - by Ron Brown
12/08/2003 Looking for Glimmers of Hope In a Tough Situation:
Part 2 of 3 - by Ron Brown
12/01/2003 Looking for Glimmers of Hope In a Tough Situation:
Part 1 of 3 - by Ron Brown
01/24/2003 A Glimpse of Glory - by Jeanette
11/10/2003 Message In a Bottle - Well, Actually a Book - by Jeanette
10/20/2003 Flying High - by Jeanette
04/14/2003 The Magic of Friendship - by Jeanette
09/22/2003 A Higher Perspective - by Jeanette
09/08/2003 The Perfect Place - by Jeanette
05/19/2003 Anniversary Traditions or Baaaaa Humbug?! - by Jan K.
05/12/2003 One by One - by Larys Cartaya
04/21/2003 Rainy Day Blessing - by Jeanette
04/14/2003 Wayne and Ginny:  Serious Play - by Micki A.
04/07/2003 Wayne and Ginny:  Being a Kid Again -- by Micki A.
03/31/2003 A Change of Heart -- by Rosvita
02/17/2003 Seeing - by Rebecca of Silver Lining News
02/10/2003 On The Road Again -- by Rosvita
01/10/2003 A Friday Miracle -- by Frieda R.


The following soul magic stories
were contributed in 2002 to touch your soul

12/20/2002 A Week Before Christmas - by Larry Hogan
12/13/2002 I Like It -- It's Me - by Daisy Zuidyk
12/06/2002 Giving Thanks - by Naomi Ragen
11/22/2002 Sunrise to Sunset - by Jeff McGuire
11/15/2002 More Than A Vote - by Rebecca of The Silver Lining News
11/01/2002 The Healing Balm of Sunshine - by Jeanette M. Pintar
10/25/2002 Light As A Feather (Confirmation of an Affirmation) - by Jeanette M. Pintar
10/18/2002 The Heavenly Peacock - by Carole Devecka
10/11/2002 Fear Not! - by Carole Devecka
10/04/2002 Roses For Aunt Katie - by Carole Devecka
09/27/2002 Clay Pigeons Can't Fly -- But Angels Can! - by Jeff McGuire
08/30/2002 Answered Prayers - by Joanna F. Martin
08/23/2002 The Floodgates of My Good Now Open - by William of Louisville, KY
08/16/2002 Rainbows:  A Shared Experience - by Joy Hart and Jeanette Pintar
08/09/2002 New Ideas, Classic Solutions: An Evening With Gihan - by Jeanette M. Pintar
08/02/2002 The WE Thing - by Rosvita
07/19/2002 Bear Behind! - by Kathleen Kelleher
06/28/2002 A Magical Birthday, A Magical Life - by Jeanette M. Pintar
05/24/2002 Building Blocks of A True Relationship - Thanks to Lisa Vaden.
05/03/2002 Happiness Is From Within - by Lisa Vaden
04/26/2002 Dirt Is Dirt - by Penny Laney
04/12/2002 Traversing the Road of Transformation - by DK
03/01/2002 Why I Go To Work - by Joy Hart and Ruth MacAdam
02/22/2002 Glory - by Rebecca Trelfa
02/01/2002 Guardian Byzantine Angel - by Jeanette M. Pintar
01/25/2002 I Passed With Highest Honors - by Nancy
01/11/2002 A Lesson In Drive-by Prayer - by Jeanette M. Pintar


The following soul magic stories
were contributed in 2001 to touch your soul

 An * before an issue indicates that this article was entered in our SFPNN Writing contest.  

12/21/2001 Blessings From Cancer - by Nancy
11/30/2001 Near Collision Brings Lessons - by Kathleen Kelleher
10/15/2001 Soaring Thoughts - by Jeanette M. Pintar
09/21/2001 Sing, Mom! - by Holly Harz
09/14/2001 A Message From Ray's Heart - by Joy Hart
08/24/2001 A Love So Deep You Can Feel It - by MamaCat Penny
08/17/2001 Elvis - by Jeanette M. Pintar
07/27/2001 Sunny Warm Mexico:  Reflections on My Life - by Diane, the California Dreamer
07/20/2001 Where Is Your "Over The Rainbow"? - by Mark Pintar
07/13/2001 The Music of My Soul - by Jeanette M. Pintar
06/11/2001 Phoebe's Gift - by Sharon Palmer
06/01/2001 Internet Connects Hearts and Memories - by Ruby J. Cline
04/27/2001 Three Dollars and A Broad Ripple of Joy - by Heather Smith
04/06/2001 Misty's Miracle - by Jeanette M. Pintar
03/30/2001 Blessings!  Even In The Worst Scenario! - by Ray Hart
03/09/2001 Some Birthday Soul Magic - by Wanni S.
03/02/2001 Hold On! - by Larry Powell
02/16/2001 *Coming Out of The Daze - by Ruby J. Cline
02/09/2001 *Ears To You! - by Lynda Hilton
02/02/2001 *Baby It's Cold Outside - by Lisa Vaden
01/26/2001 * The Miracle of Friendship - by R U There



The following soul magic stories
were contributed in 2000 to touch your soul

12/15/2000 Individual Causes Are My Calling - by Michelle Morelli
11/10/2000 Messages And Signs:  All May Not Accept... But I Believe - by Bets
10/27/2000 Free At Last - by Anonymous
10/19/2000 Merrill's Visit - by Rosvita
10/12/2000 Playing With God - by Beth Neal
10/05/2000 She Didn't Leave Alone - by Joanne Murray
09/14/2000 Swan Spot - by Rosvita Wolk
09/07/2000 Trooper Taylor's Magical Adventure - by Liz Tracy
08/31/2000 A Soul Magic Story - thanks to Rosvita
08/17/2000 Amazing Grace - by Jeanette M. Pintar
08/04/2000 The Freedom of Faith Has No Boundaries:
A Tribute To Gihan - by Jeanette M. Pintar
08/03/2000 Gihan - A Poem By Cunningham
07/28/2000 Romancing A Wave - by Rosvita
07/23/2000 Choosing Love - by Ruby J. Cline
07/23/2000 Seeing The Dalai Lama - by Kimberly
07/23/2000 A Christmas To Last A Lifetime - by Heather Sill
07/23/2000 Small Pleasures - by Rosvita
07/21/2000 The Rescuing Hug - Thanks to Lynda H.
07/20/2000 The Park - by GinnFizz
07/13/2000 Delphiniums - by Rosvita
06/08/2000 Beatnick & Neatnick, aka, 'The Nicks of Rocabo' - by Caroline Boyer, Hindsight Tales
07/06/2000 Thanks, G.! - by Jeanette M. Pintar
06/05/2000 Thank You, Right Now! - by Michael Booth
05/25/2000 The Meaning of Freedom... Found In Munich - by Ginny
05/17/2000 My 93-Year-Old Sense Of Wonder - Rosvita
05/17/2000 How Gratitude Works - by Marcie Christensen
05/15/2000 A Gift of Forgiveness - by Ginny
05/12/2000 True Compassion - by Lacey Hardin
05/09/2000 It's Okay, Mommy - by Renee
05/05/2000 Premature Miracle - by Pearl Stone
05/03/2000 Soul Sister - by Elizabeth Vetter
04/26/2000 Soulmates Come In All Genders - by Sharon Palmer
04/26/2000 A Perfect Prescription - thanks to Marcie Christensen
04/21/2000 Anticipation and Expectations - thanks to Lisa and Marcie Christensen
04/18/2000 Are You ANTICIPATING Having A Good Day? - by Marcie Christensen
04/17/2000 A Day Of Wonder On Red Oak Ridge - by Caroline Boyer
04/15/2000 It's A Girl! - by Nancy of Make a Joyful Noise
04/13/2000 Rainbow In The Mist - by Bob Hovey
04/13/2000 Made Of God - by Marcie Christensen
04/12/2000 A Great Gift - by Ed of Aberdeen
04/07/2000 It's OK (Eugene's Message) - by Jeanette M. Pintar



A Special Note About The Background:  The photo you see in the background was taken at Jekyll Island, GA, on the first dawn of the new millennium.  What a beautiful message to start the year, the century and the millennium!

--- © Mark and Jeanette Pintar


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