Directions for (SHC) Spiritual House Cleaning


Spiritual House Cleaning does for one’s body, mind, and soul what spring cleaning does for the home. It’s a simple process that anyone can do. Here’s how…

First dedicate a time to do your Spiritual House Cleaning. Set aside at least 30 – 45 minutes. If you’re dealing with a lot of “stuff” in your life, you may want to set aside even more time.


Next, ask for Guidance in your Spiritual House Cleaning throughout the day and just before you begin.


When the time has come, take yourself into a quiet place and remove all distractions. Turn off the TV, phones, etc. If you need music to help you relax, try to find something soothing and without words, or something where the words will not distract you, such as Gregorian Chant, or Enya, etc. Pachelbell’s Canon in D and Mozart work nicely, too.


Grab a pen or pencil and paper. (I’ve been asked if you can do it on the computer but my experience has been that the physical act of writing is much more powerful when it comes to cleansing one’s soul than typing on the keyboard. So unless you have a physical condition, such as a very shaky hand, that prohibits you from writing or makes it too difficult, I would suggest using good old fashioned pen and paper.)

Write a letter to God or your Higher Power about all the stuff that’s going on your life just like you’d write to a long trusted friend whom you know always has an ear to listen to you and a hug to give.


Don’t hold back. If you’re feeling anything about the stuff going on in your life include that, too. Get it all out on the page! If you’re happy, sad, angry, confused, peaceful, or insightful, write it down. Chat with God until you’ve gotten everything on the page that was in your head and heart.


Now write:


“God, I hereby place the following in your hands: ”

Make a list of all the stuff you just talked about and any area of your life where you could use a little Divine Guidance. It can be general or specific such as:


Getting respect from my kids


getting a raise


my marriage being more romantic


better health


reaching my goals


my aunt Edna


dealing with Uncle Al’s bad jokes


fixing the leaky roof


my faith and strength of character


paying the bills on time




finding my purpose


getting a better parking space at work


No matter what it is, write it down on that list.


Once you’ve completed the list, write:


“God, Thank you for taking these things out of my hands and into yours. I now release them to you.”


Then do something to symbolically seal the pact.


You may wish to re-read your letter and list and close with a prayer of gratitude. You may choose to light a candle or some incense. You can roll or tear up the letter and list and place it in a God Jar or God Can. (As in God Can do it.) Once you put it in the God Jar, it’s physically in God’s hands and out of yours. You can’t take it back.


Close your Spiritual House Cleaning session as you like.


Notice how much lighter you feel! Notice how much tension has released. You may feel either energized or exhausted but you will feel like you’ve made it to the other side of a long journey and that it was worth the trip. Plus you will have great clarity and peace.


SHC really works! I’ve had several readers write to tell me they tried it and were amazed at the results. Of course, you can always adapt it to suit your needs. But the physical act of writing down your troubles and handing them to God is pretty powerful stuff when it comes to helping us let go and heal ourselves. Go ahead and give it a try so you can begin with a clean slate. And you don’t have to wait until the beginning or end of a month to try it. This practice works any time.


Let Your Spirit Soar…


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