Have you ever wondered if anyone loved you?  Have you ever given your all but still wondered if it was good enough, if you were good enough?  Have you ever wondered if maybe, just maybe, there could be an angel looking over your shoulder?

The answer to all these questions is yes!  Absolutely yes!

First of all, YOU ARE LOVED.

You are loved by God, by your family, your friends, coworkers, spiritual community and multitudes of people you probably aren’t even aware care about you.

You are loved by your ancestors, guardian angels, and the universe.

But the most important person in the world who could love you is YOU. 

Now, about being good enough…


You are good enough, smart enough, loveable enough, creative enough and enough of whatever else you could imagine. 

How can you know for certain?  Because God created you in His imagine. And God is omnipresent, omnipotent. That means God is everywhere, and all powerful; how could He not be enough?  Made in His image, how could YOU not be enough?  YOU ARE ENOUGH because God created YOU to be YOU!  And that’s more than good enough!

Of course there will always be opportunities to learn, grow, and try new things.  You are enough before and you will be enough after you have accomplished them.


Each and every one of us has guardian angels.  They may be in the form of departed loved ones as well as those light beings we see depicted with wings.

God cares about you and loves you so much that He created special beings to watch over you from the spiritual realm for your entire life and assist you when needed.  They are messengers who can provide guidance, inspiration and healing.

You may or may not sense your angels but they are always with you.  All you need to do to receive their help is ask.  They are here for you.  You are never alone.  There’s a slew of heavenly hosts surrounding you in this very moment. 

So take a minute to get quiet and put your hands on your heart.  Breathe in and out.  Feel your angels’ wings wrapped around you.  Feel their love heating your heart center.  Feel their peace and calmness pour though you with each and every breath… And know, absolutely know, your angels are with you in this moment and always… They love you and want you to know you are enough!

So if you’ve ever wondered if you’re loved, if you’re good enough, if there could be an angel by your side, the answer is YES!  Most definitely yes!

~ © Rev. Jeanette M. Pintar


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