Rev. Jeanette M. Pintar, Ph.D.

Certified Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner


In addition to Angel Therapy® and Reiki, Rev. Jeanette is certified in the Vianna Stibal methods of Advanced Theta Healing.



If you’ve tried and tried to heal specific areas of your life—physically, emotionally, spiritually or even financially—chances are your subconscious beliefs are sabotaging your best efforts! Theta Healing can help you reprogram your belief systems almost instantly!

Typical Theta Healing sessions include:

• The “Digging Process” which uncovers subconscious beliefs.

• Muscle testing to verify existing patterns and confirm the new healing programs are working. (If you are not comfortable with muscle testing, chakra sensing or the standing pendulum method can also be incorporated.)

• Accessing a Theta brain-wave state.

• Removing old programs, and downloading new, healthier, positive ones.

• Optional – Change the energy imprint of one’s DNA.

Most techniques designed to change our state of being or belief systems, such as positive affirmations or mantras, start from our conscious mind and work their way in. Theta Healing starts with the subconscious mind and works its way out, creating spectacular results in a much more timely and effective process!

You have to experience it to believe it. Healing has never been this easy!

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What are the benefits of Theta Healing ?

How long does a typical Theta Healing session last?

Can I do a shorter session?

What happens during a Theta Healing session?

What does a Theta Healing session include?

How much does it cost?

How do I schedule an appointment?

What are your hours?

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Will my information be kept confidential? What is your privacy policy?

What are your qualifications?

How often should I get Theta Healing?


What are the benefits of doing a Theta Healing Session?


• Uncover sabotaging belief systems which are blocking you.

• Remove negative or limiting Subconscious programming.

• Download new improved Subconscious Beliefs direct from the Creator of All That Is!

• Relax in a Theta Brainwave State while changing your life.

• Renewed enthusiasm and better understanding.

• Experience positive emotional states, as well as a release of old blocked emotions.

• Pain relief.

• Balancing the Chakras

• An improved sense of well being

• Increased vitality

• Strengthened immune system

• Receive healing energy and beliefs to help mend past and present situations

• Open your intuitive centers



How long does a typical Theta Healing session last?

One hour.



Can I book a shorter session?


No. In fact, once we get started most clients request to book a longer session. Initially I prefer to schedule an hour with you and we’ll go from there, depending on your individual needs.



What happens during a typical Theta Healing session?


• First, we’ll do an initial consultation to determine which areas to work on. You can improve the effectiveness of your session by e-mailing me 3 of your most  important areas of concern and any limiting beliefs you know you have around them. (This speeds up the process so we can cover more ground.)

• We’ll use “digging” techniques and muscle test for subconscious beliefs which are impacting your current life situation.

• Accessing a Theta Brainwave state, we’ll remove those old beliefs and then “download” a new program direct from the Creator of All That Is, then muscle test again to make sure the download was accepted.

• We’ll reprogram your energy field, mind, body, and emotions with a positive, supportive, belief system.

• If needed, we’ll do psychic vacuuming, etheric cord cutting, chakra clearing or other energy balancing techniques.

• We’ll close with a “download” to help your body, mind, and spirit effectively accept all the positive new changes.

• If desired, I’ll send you an e-mail recap of what we worked on during your session.



What does a Theta Healing Session include?


An hour of consultation, digging, removing old programming, downloading new programming, energy work, clearing, cord cutting, chakra balancing, aura strengthening and healing as intuitively guided. If requested, I’ll send you an e-mail recap of the belief systems we worked with during your session.



How much does it cost?

I charge $150.00 for a one hour session with you. This includes an hour of my time directly communicating with you and performing various Theta Healing techniques. I also take time before and after the session to clear my energy so it doesn’t interfere with the Divine healing I channel to you.


Please note that payment is due in advance of your appointment. I gladly accept credit cards through Pay Pal. Cash, personal checks, and money orders are also accepted with gratitude.


How do I schedule a Theta Healing Session with you?


Please contact me via e-mail at with “Theta Healing” in the subject line.
You may also call me directly at 818-518-6761.


Theta Healing can easily and conveniently be done over the phone, in person or even remotely! Because it’s divine energy, time and space do not hinder its effectiveness. I enjoy doing sessions over the phone or in person because it is “live” and you can respond immediately to the subconscious Theta programming and energy you are receiving and ask questions as they arise. I easily tune into your energy whether in person, over the phone or remotely and you are always welcome to ask questions via e-mail.


What are your hours?

Currently I prefer to offer Theta Healing Sessions Tuesday through Friday between 1:30 PM and 4:30 PM Pacific Time. (4:30 PM – 7:30 PM Eastern.) If necessary, I will make other arrangements. Please call or e-mail ahead of time to book your appointment. I will personally confirm your time with you and send you a reminder via e-mail either the day of or before your appointment.



What if I need to cancel my appointment?

I will be more than happy to reschedule your appointment to another date and time at no additional fee. You may even transfer your session to someone else if needed. However, due to processing costs and to be fair to others who keep their scheduled appointments, all sessions are non-refundable.


Will my information be kept confidential? What is your privacy policy?

All data shared during a session will be kept confidential and private. We do not sell your name to other vendors.


We may, on occasion, send you notice of upcoming events we believe you may be interested in such as: a booth at an expo where you could get discounted mini sessions of Angel Therapy®, Reiki, and Theta Healing, local or on-line classes beneficial to your well-being and knowledge, or perhaps even books, CDs, or other products, events and services we believe could be helpful. These notices will take your time and cyber space into consideration and will not be sent frequently. For the record, we don’t do spam!


What qualifications do you have?


In addition to being a certified Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, I am also a certified Reiki Master, and am certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapy Practitioner®.


I have received divine guidance since childhood, and have spent over 20 years independently expanding my knowledge on healing, spirituality, creativity, motivation, and inspiration. I’ve helped people receive healing emotionally, spiritually, and energetically throughout my life.


I’m also an ordained minister and hold a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences. Currently, I’m working toward a D.Div. in Spiritual Counseling. In addition, I publish and edit Sir Froggie’s Positive News Network, and write Sir Froggie’s Pondering which has been featured in a variety of internet and newspaper publications and has helped people all over the world. Sir Froggie’s Pondering was even the show-cased inspirational column on Themestream.


I always say God is the world’s greatest Talent Agent and I trust that He places me where I am needed most. Perhaps my best qualifications, however, come from the references of those clients I’ve been able to help.


Click here to read just one of many true life testimonies…



How often should I get Theta Healing?


Theta is safe and gentle enough to be used on a daily basis!


If you’ve never done any kind of emotional, spiritual, or energetic healing or clearing before, I would recommend at least a week between treatments to give your body, mind and energy field time to clear and adjust.


If you do healing, clearing and energy work on a regular basis and just want a Theta session as a “tune up” monthly visits work just fine. Let your body, mind and spirit decide.