Dawn’s light presents a precious gift,
may the gift’s unlocking aid its own receiving.

Morning coffee unlocks an aroma of alertness,
may the fragrance of release awaken intuition.

Midday friends share conversation and meals,
may this unlock gifts of life.

Afternoon work has wonderful fruit,
may labor unlock creativity’s best results.

Family arrival unlocks hopes for a new generation,
may your blessing unlock dreams and talents.

Evenings of sharing yield laughter and connection,
may relaxation or activity unlock new strengths.

May the depth of evening gather the beloved of the heart,
the unlocking of gentle sharing kindness begets.

Moonlight’s depth and stardust reign o’er restful night,
may rest unlock the inner desires of the heart.

As the ear hears each unique tone of the wind chime,
and within the summer hum of a thousand insects
 the one insect can be heard,
may the deft unlocking of the moments around the clock be received.

~ o’hOgain

~ © Larry Hogan

“Begin a tradition of favor for yourself and those you love.”