Ancient Amphibious Wisdom for a Modern Day World





How much do you know about love?  How loved do you feel?  How much love can you understand?

You are loved beyond belief!

There are laws of expansion and increase which in essence say we will only receive as much as we can comprehend receiving, and we will only be able increase that amount by the amount we are able to expand at a comfortable level of our understanding.  But there is something those laws don’t tell us…

We are loved beyond what we believe, beyond what we can comprehend, beyond what we can receive.

How is that possible?

Because we are loved by God.  We are loved by multitudes of angels, guides, and ancestors.  We are loved by family, friends, coworkers, spiritual community, those whom we help and even more.  Oh! If we only understood even a fraction of how much God, our angels and others in our life love us we would never doubt, never feel lonely again. We would simply feel the wings of Love wrapped around us today and always.

Trouble is, all this love goes beyond what we can actually fathom which is why it’s possible to be so incredibly loved and still feel lonely.  We can also feel lonely and unloved when we do not love or like ourselves. When we don’t love ourselves, it puts a dark veil over our ability to see and comprehend how much others (including God and our angels) love us too.  Human beings can get so busy building walls of self-loathing, we completely overlook the mortar of love which holds us together!

How much can you love yourself?  Can you recognize and feel loved even when those who love you are angry, surly, resentful or upset?  Can you tune in to the love that God and all His heavenly hosts are pouring in to you and wrapping around you at all times?

If none of this seems to make sense, it’s time to transmute self-loathing into self-love.  It’s time to work on expanding your understanding of love and your beliefs about love. 

Because no matter what YOU ARE LOVED.  You are loved so far beyond what you know to be true in this moment.  You are loved beyond what you could ever imagine.  You are loved beyond what you think is even possible.

You are loved beyond belief!

~ © Sir Froggie, JMP, April 18, 2012

“Even pond-scum has a purpose for sustaining life, think what human beings are capable of!”